My Rating: ∗∗∗/5

Just finished the book today. I have to say it’s a rather disappointing ending comparing to a great beginning. I really love his writing and his picturesque description of the beautiful things in life, but it’s just seem to miss something emotional. There are certainly quotes that touched me but not enough to stay with me after I’m done with the book. Perhaps it was because I was listening to the audio book so it seems distracting. But even when I follow along with my hard copy, the details just doesn’t seem to fit.

I think the character I like the most is Jutta. Marie-Laure, Werner, Etienne, the Father, etc. are all likable characters but I feel they lack something strong enough to define them as hereos. They feel more like regular people to me and the story feels flat for one written about lives in WWII. Maybe the war overshadowed the Sea of Flames. The legend of the jewel seems lame.

I keep comparing the plot with The Goldfinch and regarless of the long winded story with mountains of vocabulary,  the Goldfinch seemed to leave more emotions with me than All The Light You Cannot See. They have similar plots: taking something precious out of a museum, life after that, reunion blah blah,… but ATLYCS just missed the point. It lack thought provoking details.

Photo Credit:  Jennifer Lyn King

Book information:
National Book Award Finalist 2014, Barnes and Noble Best Book of 2014
Published on May 6, 2014 by Scribner
Hardcover, 544 pages
Author: Anthony Doerr