I am currently reading the following books. I have a bad habit of starting new books before finishing the one I am already reading. Sometimes it is because they are in different format and I read them at different time (listening to audible on the way to work, reading before beds, etc.).

What about  you? Leave us a comment. 🙂


Horror Tales by H.P. Lovecraft

My thoughts so far:

I’m actually listening to Necronomicon, some of the stories are also printed in this book I have. I’m really enjoying his writing so far, although it has not occurred to me that any of his stories are scary per se. I’m impressed with his imagination and his choices of words, very descriptive yet informative. I could see why his stories have become the foundation of modern video  games.


Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut

My thoughts so far:

I’ve meant to read some Kurt Vonnegut for a long time but have not yet able to find a good one to start. Someone has recommended this to me, just done with Chapter 1, it’s quite interesting writing although at a time it is a bit difficult to concentrate to see where this is going.



By conruoinho, updated April 3, 2015