Chatsach’s rating:☆/5

If there’s a best selling book about climate change and vegan propaganda, this book is the worst of it all. Spewing meaningless statistics, repeating tales from social media and memes, bull shitting through entire book… basically if you know about the topic, nothing he wrote is worth reading, it’s all repeating what’s already been said about climate change. The book felt like it was a bunch of Google statistics smashed up together with some “personal touch”. Skip it if you want to be inspired to fight climate change. It does not touch the deepest level of the problem, does not tear apart to dig into the polititcs of climate change argument. The book feel pretentious to the point of being super annoying.

Here’s one thing I can tell you what you need to do to fight climate change: Vote. Vote for the right people that will implement and enforce policy to curb carbon emission, require ethical farming, demand the minimum use of single use plastic, ban artificial additives in food and pesticide in farming, stop that pipeline transporting fossil fuels to make your plastic bottes.